Storyboards, Comics, Animation and All-Purpose Media Artist

In Short

Experienced storyboard artist for children's animated shows and animated sitcoms for adults, comic book artist for educational material and mainstream comics, traditional animator with experience in Flash and illustrator for hire. Skilled at posing, acting, staging, and adapting to a show's style. Basically loves to tell other people's stories with pictures. Comfortable around technology and software, uses her tablet PC and her Cintiq to produce her digital work, on Storyboard Pro and other art software. Located in the Montreal, QC, Canada area; willing to negotiate relocation.

Contact Information

Phone: (514)946-5612
Emailkanthara at

Work experience

Storyboard Supervisor

CHAOS: Season 1 - Singing Frog Studio, 2019-2020
F is for Family: Season 4 - Oasis Animation/Gaumond/Wild West Television, 2019
Arthur: Season 22 and specials - Oasis Animation/WGBH Boston, 2018-2019

Storyboard Artist

Fireheart - Feature Film, Main Journey/L'Atelier, 2019
ToonBoom Storyboard Pro Demo - ToonBoom Animation Inc, 2019
Arthur: Season 22 - Oasis Animation/WGBH Boston, 2018
Chip and Potato: Season 1 - DHX Media, 2017-2018
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 8 - DHX Media, 2017-2018
Supernoobz: Season 2 - DHX Media, 2017
Genius Genie: Season 1 - Productions Toondraw, 2017
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 7 - DHX Media, 2016
Inspector Gadget: Season 2 - DHX Media, 2015-2016
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 6 - DHX Media, 2015
Toonmart Marty - Sardine Productions, 2015
Les Grandes Gueules s'animent - Oasis Animation, 2014-2015
Chop Chop Ninja Challenge - Sardine Productions Inc., 2014
The Bear - Blind Ferret Entertainment, 2013
Mia - Sardine Productions Inc./Kutoka Interactif, 2013
(undisclosed title): Pilot/pitch for a new series presented at the MIP - Oasis Animation, 2013
Martha Speaks: Seasons 5 and 6, Oasis Animation, 2012-2013
Golfers Anonymous: Pilot - Oddvious Animation, 2011
Gummybear Christmas Special: Santa, Where R U? - Ciné-Groupe, 2011
Pérusse Cité - Oasis Animation, 2010
Silly Bitty Bunny - Carpe Diem Film & Animation, 2010
Arthur - Oasis Animation & WGBH Boston, 2009
Blaise le Blasé - Spectra Animation, 2006-2007 
What's With Andy III - Ciné-Groupe, 2006 
Walter - Corporation Image Entertainment, 2004 (+ storyboard assistance)
What's With Andy II - Ciné-Groupe & SIP animation, 2003 
Syberia II - Microïds, inc. (videogame) 2002-2003 
Post Mortem - Microïds, inc. (videogame) 2002 
Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat - Ciné-Groupe & Sesame Workshop, 2000-2001 
La Série du Peuple de François Pérusse - Post Scriptum animation & Zéro Musique, 2000 
Mega Babies - Ciné-Groupe & Sony Wonder, 1999

Storyboard Instructor

Online Storyboard Curriculum development - for specialized training in animation, 2019-...

Rubika Montreal - Storyboard Teacher, 1st and 2nd year animation program, 2019-...
Oasis Animation - Through Campus Oasis, Storyboard workshop, 2019

Comic Book Artist

Sunset Val, adaptation of the series of novels by Rob St.Martin into an ongoing comic, 2012
When Kanthara Met Fandom, 6 page comic, written, drawn and coloured, for I Was a Teenage GargoyleAnthology - Sawdust Press, 2011
Dragons Universe, visual concept, pencilling, inking, letters, layout - Megabrands, 2010-2011 (two issues, series cancelled before publication)
Gargoyles: Bad Guys, full art credits - Slave Labor Publishing, 2007-2008 (6 issue mini-series) 
Gargoyles #5, penciller/inker - Slave Labor Publishing, 2006-2007
Smell Ya Later (Boldprint series) - Rubicon Publishing, 2007
Cocoa Warriors (Timeline series) - Rubicon Publishing and Scholastic, 2006
Deep Trouble (Boldprint series) - Rubicon Publishing, 2006

Storyboard Correction

Daft Planet - Ciné-Groupe & Teletoon, 2002 
Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat - Ciné-Groupe & Sesame Workshop, 2000 
Turtle Island - Animation Mimosa & Ile-de-la-Tortue, 2000 
Mega Babies - Ciné-Groupe & Sony Wonder, 1999-2000 
Arthur - Cinar & WGBH Boston, 1997

Storyboard clean-up

IvanhoeLittle LuluAnimal Crackers- Aérographie Sarô for Cinar Animation, 1996-1998

Multimedia and Flash Animation

Zippler corporate video: story concept, storyboards, art, flash animation, sound edits, 2013
Tiphive corporate video: story concept, storyboards, flash animation, sound edits, 2012
Various web projects: CBCKidsPlayMy Friend RabbitThe Amazing Spiez web-based video games- Tribal Nova, 2008-2009
Manga Pets website - Sygenics Interactive for Manga Pets, Inc, 2005-2006

Animation revisions

Mega Babies - Ciné-Groupe & Sony Wonder, 2000


Commission work for a variety of clients, both for publishing and personal collections, 1996-...
2nd grade curriculum - Bronfman Jewish Education Center, 2002-2003

Academic studies

BACC in Business Administration/Marketing - École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), 1994-1997
DEC in Arts and Communications - Collège André-Grasset, 1991-1993, and Collège Ahuntsic, 1993

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