Storyboards, Comics, Animation and All-Purpose Media Artist
My name is Karine and I'm an artist. I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon; I grew up with an artist dad who taught me some tips during my youth, and hired me in my teens as a pro artist to draw perspective renderings of houses he designed. I started working in animation in 1996, doing storyboard cleanup, then in revisions, and eventually as a storyboard artist proper. I also worked in traditional 2D animation, in merchandise art, in Flash animation for online games, in book illustration, I've drawn several comics, and countless commissions for many, many clients. 
You might know me from my Gargoyles fan art (and official comics), or in the Furry fandom, or in Comic conventions, or as a storyboard artist for such loved properties as Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, or you might know me parce que je suis une artiste francophone, et j'ai aussi travaillé sur Blaise le Blasé et Les Grandes Gueules s'animent.
In any case, you are likely here to see some art of mine, so without further ado, bienvenue chez moi!

Some Recent Artwork!
Here are a few samples of my work. I do update my Instagram regularly, and it cross-posts to both my Tumblr and my Facebook page, which you can find through the links above. Give those a follow and never miss any of my new work (that isn't protected by a NDA!)
Wonder Woman
A personal illustration of the Amazon warrior done on tan paper, inked during the 2017 edition of Inktober.
Tiki Shirt Deadpool
Inspired by Lar DeSouza's Deadpool tiki fabric design. I couldn't resist drawing this, with his pattern on the shirt. 
Sylvie and Suzie
An Inktober 2017 commission of two characters for a role-playing game set in the Dresden Files universe.
Goaty on His Bike
An Inktober 2017 commission of a friend's character Goaty.
Jack from Siren's Song
An Inktober 2017 commission of Cynthia Diamond's character from her Wyrd Love series of novels. Find them here!
Rush Concert
An Inktober 2017 commission of AirGuiTaR's character having a great time at a rock concert.
About the Animation Portfolio
"But what if I want storyboards?"
I understand that some might be here to see what I do in the animation field. I am currently working on updating that portfolio. I've been so busy working on storyboards and jumping from show to show that I haven't had the time - or the need - to update this, but it's on my list. 
So in the meantime, here's the link to the currently out-of-date portfolio.